THE MAGICIAN is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after magicians in the UK performing at around 100 events per year, with years of professional working experience, you know you are going to have an amazing time!

As a close-up magician, he approaches your guests in a friendly but unobtrusive fashion, and within minutes will have them screaming with bewilderment and laughter at the micro miracles he performs inches right in front of their noses. Breaking the mould and avoiding the “cheesy magician” image, he is sharp and sophisticated with an easy casual feel to his manner, adapted to help you sit back and realise that magic has been reborn – no wands or white rabbits here.

Most often found performing as a table magician at weddings, helping to make it the most memorable day for the guests and the happy couple. He can help to disguise any little hiccups or schedule alterations that may occur, using his experience to break the ice for guests who may not have met each other before, making the rest of the day a lot easier to handle for guests and the newlyweds alike.

Some of his corporate clients include Tesco, Cable, Wireless, Cool Milk Ltd and many, many more, all of whom have enjoyed his mind-blowing miracles.

Regardless of the event, this man is the ideal choice to add something entirely unique to your evening. From product launches to parties, from weddings to work Christmas parties, his ‘mix and mingle’ style at your event will you give you and your guests a night they will remember the night for years to come!