honey trap


Chic beats & ultimate style; HONEY TRAP inject the P-A-R-T-Y-! into your party with non-stop song medleys, a slick, full sound and unrivalled vocal quality. From an ever-increasing repertoire the band blast their way through decades of popular songs with soul and skill, taking the audience on a journey of cool current hits and bouncing classics. Never just learning a song, HONEY TRAP merge their own ideas into well-known covers to craft the ultimate live party version!

  These ladies pride themselves on being more than just a covers band, using their creativity and musicianship to put their very own stamp on the music they play, delivering all your favourite tunes as part of a fresh exciting performance. They believe it’s integral to bring personality as well as style to your event, so show them some air guitar or impressive rapping skills and they’ll be there with you, at the heart and soul of every party!